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To Be Revealed Soon


Published 2015

Living in the Upper East Side can be hard, dealing with the demands of socialite parents and barely any friends you can count on. Renn Daniels doesn’t think it can get any worse.


When she accidentally stumbles across her best friend’s biggest secret, her world turns upside down.  She starts to find out more and more about things she never knew were possible.


To make things more complicated, Renn and Nate’s relationship gets pulled to its limit as unexpected trouble arises.


Can their friendship survive? And what happens when Renn is left with a choice she never thought she would have to make?


Coming Early 2021

While the battle in New York seems to be won, somewhere else trouble is brewing...

Nate has fled cross-country, putting as much space as he can between him and the girl that doesn't love him back. He seeks shelter at the only place he knows will take him in, though they aren't very happy with the news he brings.

Meanwhile life on the West Coast isn't what it seems. Tensions are high and nobody can be trusted as reality slowly starts to unravel. 

The one thing it all has in common? It all seems leads back to the marbles...

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